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Tomte - Scandinavian “Tomte” also called an elf, or nisse

A Tomte is said to protect your household and if you are nice to them they will look after you and your family for a lifetime. The elves (Tomtar) are mischievous so don’t be surprised if yours doesn’t stay in the same place you left him. Although mischievous your Tomte will be loyal if you treat him with respect. Please do not pick him up by his hat or his beard, Tomten really don’t like this. Also, please be polite and kind in his presence because Tomten will not tolerate rudeness.

Handmade in Sweden.

**Please note that this item is not a toy and intended as decoration only. It is not suitable for young children. Small parts may pose a swallowing risk to young children. ** Also note, as they are handmade they are not all the same..